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Tony Rizk was born in AlQaa, he moved to live in Beirut to join the High School of Agricultural Engineering in Al Fanar where he worked for seven years but his passion for creativity drove him to give up his specialization and pursuit his dream in the fashion design.

If we tried to search for Tony Rizk, we would find him always "in a state of challenge to create beauty and add a glamorous special touch to identify femininity and appeal of women”... at first Rizq sat a room in his home to draw his designs that were no longer encompass his ambitions thus that led him to open his private workshop in 1994, and later on a showroom “Tasameem” in 2001 in Dekwane Slaf where the clothes displayed were of his production and design, but others were imported from France, Turkey, Italy and other countries. His designs were not limited to one showroom but he sought to expand the scope of his business so that the designs of Tony Rizk would reach a number of high fashion shops and in various regions.